LEEBIO™ technology uses a chemical process for the separation of lignocellulosic residues into cellulose, lignin, hemicelluloses.


The process uses exclusively formic acid around 85°C and atmospheric pressure.


The consequences of this chemical separation are a very low energy consumption and a high separation efficiency.


The LEEBIO™ technology originates from the acronym LEE meaning: Low Extraction Energy 



LEECELL™ for all types of cellulose

LEEPULP™ for all types of paper pulp

LEELIGNIN™ for all types of lignin

LEEXYL™ for all types C5 – Xylose sugars syrup

LEESIL™ for all types of silica

LIGNGAS™ for all type of synthesis gas (syngas)

CARBIOXIDE™ for all type of green CO2

LEEFUEL™ for all type of green fuels

LEEPROD™ for all type of green products

LEEH2™ for all type of green Hydrogen

LEEFITROP™ for all type of Fischer-Tropsch fuels


BioEB is the proprietary of the 5 patents originally filed by Prof. Dr. Michel Delmas.


In partnership agreement, BioEB will participate in the LEEBIO™ technology industrial developments by chemical patent licensing.