Carbon dioxide (CO2) is highlighted in the news right after an extreme climate disturbance appears somewhere in the world.


However, we must not forget that :


Photosynthesis combines CO2 with water by using sun as the source of energy. Without it, there would be no oxygen, no animal, no plant biomass, basically no life on Earth.


Without the ability of CO2 to retain infra-red radiation, the Earth would be too cold to be inhabited. Indeed CO2 is one of the major elements of the greenhouse effect

CO2 is seen as a major pollution only since the start of the industrial era


The cause is known to all:


It is the excessive combustion of coal, oil and natural gas of fossil origin which massively released CO2 resulting in doubling its atmospheric concentration in only two centuries

However, these values do not represent all of the CO2 of fossil origin sent into the atmosphere since :


On the one hand, the ocean hydrosphere will absorb a very substantial amount of it by dissolution


On the other hand, the continental and oceanic lithospheres will absorb a significant amount of it by carbonation and sedimentation

The massive impact of the release of fossil CO2 into the Earth’s atmosphere is causing more extreme weather around the world


In order to respect the limits of an increase of 1.5 °C according to the IPCC  so that droughts, floods, food, health and migration crises do not disturb our society:


Fossil Oil, Coal and Natural gas must stay where they are.

During one century, mankind has been able to make fossil source the unavoidable base of our energy, fuel and product needs with a very good efficiency.


A smooth and profitable way to make energy transition a success is to apply the same concept of oil refining to vegetal refining in order to obtain the same actual fuels and products we use.


Existing technologies will keep their works and make “business as usual” but with the decisive fact that their fuels and products come from renewable source.

This is where BioEB will contribute to the pathway of a smooth energy transition with strong partnerships.


Greatly caused by the elevation of CO₂ concentration in atmosphere


We are convinced that climate change is not the responsibility of the technologies used, it is only caused by the fossil source of their fuels


By using the biogenic CO₂ captured and stored into lignocellulosic biomass thanks to photosynthesis, we define our concept of Natural Carbon Capture, Storage and Use (or NCCSU™)