LEEBIO™ Technology makes it possible to extract the main constituents of lignocellulosic biomass that are cellulose, lignin, hemicelluloses and silica.

These are products of non-fossil origin and 100% green. They will be introduced directly into industrial sectors without changing the existing equipment.



LEECELL™ cellulose is both a product and an energy source of LEEBIO™ technology.


It is extracted from all lignocellulosic residues such as straws, wood shavings, bagasse, palm etc …


It can be used by the paper industries without generating any pollution.


It can also be transformed into pure synthesis gas (SYNGAS) to supply electricity on the network up to biofuels (sustainable jet fuel), green CO2, but also green Hydrogen.



LEELIGNIN™ is a lignin extracted in the form of a brown-colored powder.


It consists of aliphatic phenolic and OH oligomers with a well-established structure, allowing the weight-by-weight substitution of phenol and PEG (PolyEthylene Glycol) in the industrial production of polymers and resins of the phenolic, epoxy, polyesters and polyurethanes type.


It replaces its fossil counterparts without modification and without purification.



The hemicelluloses, marketed under the name of LEEXYL™, are a sweet syrup of the molasses type.


This syrup has a composition rich in oligomeric Xylose (up to 70%), protein and natural elements.


In its raw state, this syrup has a very high nutritional and tanning power in animal feed.


It is also the only source of furan products, suitable for the production of Furfural, 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid (2,5 FDCA), 2-methylfurane, Xylitol or biofuels.



Silica, marketed under the name of LEESIL™, is a white powder obtained by chemical precipitation. LEESIL™ is extracted from LEECELL™ by a non-polluting method.
Silica extraction is necessary only in rich natural silica raw materials such as rice straws.

This form of amorphous silica is particularly appreciated in advanced or medical industry for its physico-chemical properties in reinforcement, adsorption, polishing but also in tires manufacture.