LEEBIO™ technology allows the extraction of high quality products from lignocellulosic waste (wood, straw, palm, miscanthus …).

These products are cellulose, hemicellulose syrup, lignin and silica and they will be extracted with a high degree of purity and constant quality.

The energetic innovation of the technology is based on the use of cellulose as a natural source of Green Hydrogen.


Lignin, Hemicelluloses syrups and green CO2 will be sold as high value-added commercial products in order to produce a Green Hydrogen at the same price as Gray Hydrogen.

Cellulose will be an intermediate product and the KEY energy vector of LEEBIO™ technology

The economic, energetic & ecological superiority of LEEBIO™ technology is that the obtained cellulose is free of Sulfur, Nitrogen and Chlorine.


Part of the cellulose can be used to generate the energy necessary for the thermal and electrical operation of a LEEBIO™ industrial unit.

When cellulose is gasified, a pure synthesis gas is obtained which, unlike biomass, doesn’t need purification & smoke treatment.


This SYNGAS can generate Green Hydrogen and CO2; or even synthetic fuel such as sustainable aviation fuels by the Fischer-Tropsch process.

This energy system directly enters into the concept of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and improves it by using natural carbon (atmospheric CO2) as an energy source.


This new carbon source, 100% GREEN, is obtained from the cellulose extracted by LEEBIO™ Technology that follows the NCCSU™ concept.