BioEB will act as an innovative chemical process licensor. The company will provide licenses of a chemical process that refines and separates lignocellulosic biomass, that is the core of the LEEBIO™ technology, and which is in perfect line with CCUS and will not be eligible to carbon tax.


In partnership with a consortium and/or a key industrial partner, the technology can be developed, from the construction of a demonstration unit to the industrial and commercial unit.



Out of the billions of tons of lignocellulosic biomass available each year worldwide and while respecting the maintenance of soil fertility:

It is agricultural residues or undeveloped forest holdings that will find their interest.

Moreover, energetic plants on pastures, degraded or polluted soils, are of particular interest given their enormous development potential in the very short term.



The lignocellulosic biomass refining process of LEEBIO™ technology is an innovation that was validated by the European BIOCORE program in TRL-7.


LEEBIO™ technology end-products are equivalent to their fossil counterparts.


They will not bring a specific adaptation of technology in terms of storage, use, transport and distribution.



The licensee of LEEBIO™ technology will promote and sell the products of his choice and synthesized from LEEBIO™ Products.


According to licensee requests, BioEB will bring its know-how in its fields of applications thanks to its professional experience in the chemical refining of lignocellulosic biomass.



Industrial property of LEEBIO™ technology is based on 5 European patents and 11 brands, all registered from 2018. Other patents are being prepared.


The international development of LEEBIO™ technology will be carried out in close collaboration with the actors having acquired a license by BioEB.