The business model of BioEB is the patent licensing of the LEEBio™ process and its trademarks.


The license holder will be able to build industrial units, manufacture or sell the products, design or technology associated with the patents.


This business model will create income for both the licensee and BioEB through revenue and royalties for the duration of the licensing period.


Carbon-free energy, products and common fuels will be among the main commercial outputs of the process. There are no pollution for soil, air and water, it is in line with the CCUS.


There are no competitors promoting vegetal refining like what we do.



The companies able to develop the LEEBio™ process are the major operators of energy, chemicals and paper, but also the essential producers of lignocellulosic raw material of the world of forestry and agriculture.


Moreover, energy crops on pastures, degraded or polluted soils, are of particular interest given their enormous development potential in the very short term.


They are also a very efficient carbon sink able to store atmospheric CO2 in the soil without negative impact. 



Lignocellulosic biomass refining is a concept validated by the European Biocore program at a level of TRL 6-7.


Biocore designed and analyzed the industrial feasibility of a biorefinery concept that enabled the conversion of cereal by-products, forestry residues and short rotation crops into a wide range of products, biofuels, chemical intermediates, polymers and materials.


It is on this same principle that BioEB dedicates its biorefining process to the production of energy, fuels and sustainable products.


They will be equivalent to their fossil counterparts in order to integrate existing infrastructures and storage, transport and distribution methods.



Licensees ventures that will use the LEEBio™ process in demonstration and commercial units will have the opportunity to decarbonize their existing business without changing their infrastructures.


Through mutual agreements, BioEB will bring its professional know-how, expertise and experience in the chemical refining of lignocellulosic biomass and the valorization of the end-products.



The intellectual property of the BioEB is based on 6 European patents and 13 brands, all registered from 2018.


The international development of the LEEBio™ process will be carried out in close collaboration with the partners of BioEB.