The LEEBIO™ process is based on the chemical separation of lignocellulosic residues into cellulose, lignin, hemicelluloses and silica.


This process uses only formic acid (<95°C) and at atmospheric pressure.


The consequences of this chemical separation are very low energy consumption and high separation efficiency.


The LEEBIO™ process originates from the acronym LEE meaning Low Extraction Energy of Biomass




LEECELL™ for all types of cellulose

LEEPULP™ for all types of paper pulp

LEELIGNIN™ for all types of lignin

LEEXYL™ for all types C5 – Xylose sugars syrup

LEESIL™ for all types of silica

LIGNGAS™ for all type of synthesis gas (syngas)

CARBIOXIDE™ for all type of green CO2

LEEFUEL™ for all type of green fuels

LEEPROD™ for all type of green products

LEEH2™ for all type of green Hydrogen

LEEFITROP™ for all type of Fischer-Tropsch fuels


BioEB owns the 5 patents originally filed by Prof. Dr. Michel Delmas


BioEB will be able to issue patent licenses, or participate in the construction of demonstration plants and commercial plants through financial and industrial partnerships.